Saturday, 16 June 2012

Batch 1 Pre-Owderrrrr (Due Date : 24 June 2012)

Bohemia Skirt!!

Color Available : Shown As Picture
Measurement : Length: 94cm Waist: 60-84cm Hip: 100cm
Material : Cotton

RM 40 

Heart Shape Polka Dots Top

Colour Available : Shown As Picture
Measurement : Length: 69cm Bust: 82-100cm Shoulder: 39cm Sleeve: 57cm
Material : Chiffon

RM 45

Stripe Long Dress

Color Available : Shown As Picture
Measurement: Length: 110cm Shoulder: 35-38cm Sleeve: 53cm Bust: 80-100cm
Material : Cotton

RM 40

Chain Top

Measurement: Length: 60cm Bust: 84cm Shoulder: 34cm Sleeve: 55cm
Material : Silky Chiffon

RM 40

Tribal Printed Dress

Measurement: Length: 76cm Bust: 92cm Waist: 70cm
Material : Silky Chiffon With Silk Inner Lining
Description : Side Zip.

RM 35

Bohemia Dress

Colour Available : Blue and Black
Measurement: Length: 80cm Bust: 86cm Waist: 70cm Shoulder: 35cm 
Material : High Quality Silky Chiffon
Description : Back Zip , Inner Lining provided for bottom only.

RM 45

Retro Print Pleated Dress

Measurement: Length: 79cm Bust: 88cm Waist: 58-80cm 
Material : Thick Chiffon 

RM 35

Classic Flora Top

Measurement: Length: 60cm Shoulder: 37cm Sleeve: 22cm Bust: 90cm 
Material : Silky Chiffon 
Description: Back Zip.
Available: Yellow/Pink

RM 46

Dual Tone Top

Measurement: Length: 62-73cm Bust: 120cm ShoulderSleeve: 34cm
Material : Silky Chiffon + Cotton
Available: Blue/Pink

RM 40

Leopard Print Top

Measurement: Length: 65cm Bust: 100cm ShoulderSleeve: 19cm 
Material : Silky Chiffon 
Available: Black/Beige

RM 35

Retro Print Sleeveless Top

Measurement: Length: 58cm Bust: 70-90cm
Material: Lycra
Available: Red/Blue

RM 35

Friday, 15 June 2012

Brown Pants

Brand New. Never Worn.

Size M. Too big for me :/

Selling this for RM 55. Not Including Postage.

Can wear as Polazo Pants too :)


Acid Wash Skinny Jeans

Brand New. Never Worn.

Size 28.

RM 50. Not Including Postage.


Thursday, 14 June 2012


Pink Stone : Available
 Pink Ribbon : Sold!

RM 15. Not Including Postage!


Available in FOUR colours!!!

RM 10 each. Not Including Postage!


Lacey lace~

Brand New. Never Worn.

Available in two colours: Black & White / Cream & Black

RM 30 each. Not Including Postage.


Hello guys! xx

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for the longggggggg hiatus. Btw, stay tuned for more updates!! love, eatofashion xx